Interview with Sam Rose

Q: When did you start writing?
A: I remember writing short stories when I was maybe five or six years old. Then when I was a bit older, music helped to shape my writing persuits. In my early teens I stopped listening to pop like The Spice Girls and started listening to rock music like Nickelback and Linkin Park, which is when I was inspired to write song lyrics. From lyrics I moved on to poetry, so I’d say I’ve been writing poetry since I was 15 or 16.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations/your favorite writers?

A: in terms of stories, I love Stephen King and Matt Haig. For poetry, a lot of the people I published in my literary magazine provide inspiration for me – their talent and the variety of pieces I get to read is great. But as I mentioned, music actually provides a lot of inspiration for me – I adore artists who write great lyrics that are honest and really resonate – Ben Howard, Bring Me The Horizon and Alkaline Trio are some of my favourite lyric writers, and I think fundamentally there isn’t much difference between lyrics and poetry.

Q: What time of day do you do most of your writing?

A: I do most of my writing in the evening, partly because I don’t get time most days as I work in an office full time -though I do have to find snatches of the day when I can scribble down ideas or lines that pop into my head. At the end of the week I can sometimes look in my bag and pull out a handful of post-it notes!

Q:  Why do you write?

A: I write because I don’t know what else to do with all this stuff in my head. I mean, what on earth do non-writers do with this stuff? I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s the one thing I know I’m good at, that I feel fairly confident in most of the time, and that helps me get my head together. I write to self-analyse, to think deeply, and sometimes to completely escape.

Q: Do you have any favorite quotes from writers?

A: A quote that can be applied to both writing and to life in general I think, and something I’ve found to be very true: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give new/aspiring writers?

A: Call yourself a writer. If you write, you are a writer. You don’t need to be J.K. Rowling or write for a living or even get paid to write at all to be a writer. But if that is what you want in the long term, you should take yourself seriously right from the word go. Stand up proudly and say “I write, therefore I am a writer!”

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